ICF Foundations

ICF Foundation Installation

Energy-Efficient ICF Foundations

The faster, better, high-performance foundation that streamlines construction schedules and eliminates the need for additional insulation.

Quite simply, Nudura® ICF foundations out-perform traditional concrete form foundations. ICF foundations are typically faster to build, and are virtually unparalleled in performance features, offering some of the most desirable properties for residential and light commercial construction. Benefits such as streamlined installation, built-in insulation for greater energy efficiency, superior strength, including racking strength, and vapor resistance, make ICF foundation systems a technically superior alternative to concrete form foundations.

Atlantic Builders Supply works with contractors, developers and builders to ensure your ICF foundation can be installed by your framing crew. We assist with training and make certain your first project is an efficient, well-executed experience.  We handle pre-pour inspections, and are there to take calls whenever questions arise.  Additional subcontractors can be eliminated from the project and, with no forms to remove, the project timeline can be expedited.

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Advantages of Nudura® ICF Foundations

Fewer Steps with Better Results

ICF systems streamline foundations for light commercial buildings and homes in a time-saving process that combines six steps into one:

  • Concrete
  • Steel reinforcement
  • Insulation
  • Air barrier
  • Vapor barrier
  • Installing Studs

Eliminates the Cost of Form Rental

With Nudura ICF forms, there is no need for conventional formwork and no forms to rent. The hollow expanded polystyrene (EPS) forms are put in place permanently, followed by the addition of rebar or micro rebar. Once filled with concrete, the result is a sturdy, high-performance foundation. The EPS stays in place, eliminating the extra step of adding insulation to meet building code, especially for structures with basements in colder climates. Most ICF foundations can be completed in considerably less time than traditional form construction methods.

Installed by Your Framing Crew

Additional trades and subcontractors are not required for the installation of ICF foundations. For first-time installation, Atlantic Builders Supply can help your framing crew with the simple steps required to put Nudura forms in place. Eliminating subcontractor schedule conflicts and delays can keep your project on time and on budget.

Better Basements in Fewer Steps

As building codes become more stringent, ICF foundations provide the additional insulation often called for to meet code.  For structures with plans for finished basements, ICF eliminates the need to apply exterior foam, as now required with concrete foundations. Interior furring strips eliminate the need to frame-in interior basement walls, or to add interior insulation.  Basements are dryer, with better-managed temperatures. Projects can be completed more quickly with fewer steps and fewer subcontractors involved.

Protected, Dry Walls

With thick EPS on both sides of the ICF system, concrete foundations have an extra layer of protection, keeping ground moisture at bay. While a water barrier is required on the exterior of EPS foundation walls, easy options, such as self-adhesive barriers, can be added to the EPS form. Check out these easy waterproofing options available at Atlantic Builders Supply.

Eliminates Thermal Bridging

With two layers of EPS continuous insulation and a poured concrete core, it’s virtually impossible for interior heat to escape the ICF system. This additional insulation also means that low outdoor temperatures won’t cause condensation on the “warm side” of the wall for buildings with basements.

A Foundation for All Seasons

ICF systems are inherently winter-friendly, and can be constructed in temperatures below 32 degrees, allowing builders to build year-round. The dual EPS walls of Nudura’s ICF forms provide an insulated environment for poured concrete, protecting it from the elements and allowing it to cure properly, even during colder winter months, with no need for expensive jobsite heaters to ensure proper curing. (Insulated caps or tarps may be required to cover exposed concrete at the top of each form, depending on ambient temperature and weather conditions.

ICF Foundations — The High-Performance, Cost-Saving Solution

With ICF foundations, contractors, builders and developers can eliminate as many as two subcontractors, complete the foundation in fewer steps, and benefit from the controlled schedule that comes from managing the process internally.  With savings in time and costs over traditional concrete form construction, it’s hard to beat the advantages of Nudura ICF foundations.

When it’s time to make a decision about a foundation for your next project, choose the ICF solution that means faster project completion, fewer subcontractors and greater jobsite efficiency. Contact Atlantic Builders Supply today for a quote on your next project.

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