Our Team

Let Our Team Join Your Team

The only thing that should surprise you about your next ICF project is our exceptional level of dedication.

With nearly 50 years of combined experience, the Atlantic Builders Supply team is one of the best in the insulating concrete forms industry. We bring the background, knowledge and skills to your project that help you experience the unparalleled benefits of ICF construction. Think of our dedicated team of ICF specialists as extra members of YOUR team. We’ll work with you to master the details of ICF construction to make sure you experience all of the benefits the system offers. 

We don’t just recommend products and place orders – we’re on-site to ensure that installation runs smoothly and that every question is answered. 

In addition to our team’s experience as builders, plus thousands of hours on construction sites, we are trained Nudura® installers. We share our training and in-the-field ICF experience with your team, supporting your efforts, in person, when you need it, providing solutions for those situations that are unique to your project. We do more than sell products – we put them to work for you.

Joe Harnois

Joe Harnois, President

Add one part builder, with 20 years of experience on project sites, and one part showmanship, with a talent for explaining the unique benefits of ICF construction, plus one part concrete, and you’ll get Joe Harnois, president of Atlantic Builders Supply Northeast. Joe has successfully executed more than 50 ICF projects – some as a builder and others as an ICF subcontractor – gaining perspective from all sides of the construction business. He is a trained Nudura® installer and shares his knowledge and expertise in the industry with audiences from second-graders to building officials, helping them understand the value and inherent advantages of ICF. As an industry expert, Joe has taught ICF classes for the Builders and Remodelers Association of Greater Boston and is working to develop learning opportunities for building science and energy efficiency for community and technical colleges. Joe is a past president of the New Hampshire Home Builders Association and currently serves on the association’s executive committee.

Cody Day

Cody Day, Vice President

Cody Day has 15 years of experience in the construction industry and is a partner in Atlantic Builders Supply Northeast. As a trained Nudura® installer, he is dedicated to in-field management of ICF system deliveries and demonstrating installation techniques of ICF construction for contractors in the light commercial market, as well as multifamily and other types of residential construction. As an ICF expert, Cody spends a lot of time on job sites helping customers get ICF block set up, working with them through the concrete pour. His knowledge helps contractors understand the Nudura® system and quickly adopt the skills required for successful installation. He’s an on-site problem solver and chief “hand-holder” for Atlantic Builders Supply customers. With a visible level of enthusiasm for his work, Cody is dedicated to helping contractors achieve the best build possible, with products that perform efficiently while achieving energy-saving goals for building owners.

Matt Doerfler

Matt Doerfler, Operations Manager

With a background as a business owner, including 20 years as a foreman in the concrete industry in the New England area, Matt Doerfler likes to share his ICF and concrete expertise with customers on the job site. His experience includes everything from the very basics to the execution of complex projects, tackling tasks such as take-offs and concrete pours, to monitoring project progress, and offering insight to those building with ICF for the first time. With in-depth knowledge of the properties and performance features of concrete, he excels at demonstrating how an ICF system, combining concrete and EPS foam, results in disaster-resilient, energy-efficient, attractive commercial buildings and homes. Matt breaks the principles of ICF construction into simple steps that he compares to Legos, with hands-on job site demonstrations to teach even novices how to build successfully with ICF.