Don’t Let Cold Weather Delay Your Projects!

Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF) Can Help Keep Your Project on Schedule When the Temperature Drops

by Joe Harnois

November 9, 2023

There are times when cold-weather construction can’t be avoided.  That’s when ICF can help you meet the challenge and keep your project on schedule.  Selecting the right products that perform well when the temperature drops makes it easier to complete projects during winter months. Testing and on-site experience show that 6” Nudura® Plus+ Series and 8” Nudura ICF forms are two exceptional options that can help you keep your cold-weather construction project on schedule.

No Expensive Heating Equipment on the Construction Site
With traditional foundation forms, it can be difficult to cure concrete when temperatures fall below 40 degrees. Bringing in heating equipment and additional labor adds expenses to the project, along with schedule delays. The insulating properties of ICF mean heating equipment is not required during the cold-weather construction process.

The First 24 Hours of Cold-Weather Curing
Concrete must stay above 40°F for the first 24 hours after pouring to ensure it cures properly. It’s a challenge to maintain these temperatures in cold fall and winter weather. But the two continuous layers of expanded polystyrene (EPS) in Nudura ICF forms immediately begin to insulate the concrete poured within the form. This means the concrete stays at the poured temperature longer, allowing it to cure properly. All that’s required is an insulating blanket or cover over the top of each form to protect the concrete from direct exposure to cold or precipitation while curing.

Faster Construction
ICF construction is less weather-dependent than traditional methods. The insulation provided by the expanded polystyrene component of ICFs allows construction to continue even in cold weather. Workers can install ICFs, pour concrete, and proceed with construction virtually without delay. Learn more about streamlining construction with ICF.

TEMPRO Products for Waterproofing at Any Temperature
TREMPROTM 540 Peel and Stick Waterproofing Membrane for foundation waterproofing is designed to stick to EPS foam. The winter grade product (NUS-AWPRF-02) can be applied at any temperature – including below freezing!

TREMPROTM 160 below-grade fluid-applied asphalt emulsion provides a seamless monolithic waterproofing membrane which can be applied to surfaces at temperatures as low as 20°F (-7° C) when using heated spray lines.

HELIX® – The Cold-Weather Alternative to Rebar
With code calling for temperatures above 40 degrees when working with rebar, HELIX® Micro Rebar provides an innovative solution. Helix has no such temperature limitation and can provide concreate reinforcement that defies rebar performance in freeze-thaw cycles.  Contact Atlantic Builders Supply for recommendations for using HELIX Micro Rebar in your next ICF construction project.

Nudura ICFs let you build more efficiently in virtually any climate. By saving you time and money on foundation and exterior wall construction, ICFs can make your business more profitable with consistent work throughout the year.