Lower Labor Costs – Higher Energy Performance!

Fast, Easy-to-Install Insulating Products Can Up Your Energy Performance

Higher R-Values for Basements, Ceilings and Retrofits in Less Time with Lower Labor Costs

by Joe Harnois

November 1, 2023

When it’s time to craft high-performance insulation or radiant heat solutions that deliver comfortable, energy-efficient spaces for greater indoor comfort year-round, you need a partner with the background and experience to make expert recommendations for your project.

Atlantic Builders Supply can help you choose products that provide the energy performance features you need and are so easy to install, you can reduce your installation costs, with fewer crew members and less time on the project.

HOMEGA® Panels – Nudura® Integrated Series

HOMEGA® moulded EPS panels provide a quick and easy insulation solution for basement walls, interior or exterior block walls and residential ceilings. Whether you’re building with ICF construction or other methods, HOMEGA is an ideal option when you need high insulating values on an expedited schedule.

Save time.  Reduce installation costs.
View this short video to see how quick, versatile and easy HOMEGA installation is.

Built-in Furring Strips!
Both panel sizes have built-in furring strips for easy application of drywall. Our thickest panel (3-7/8’) meets code requirements for below-grade installation.

HOMEGA 4’ x 8’ panels
2-5/8”: R-10 (RSI 1.76, U-Value 0.56 w/m²•k)
3-7/8”: R-15 (RSI 2.64, U-Value 0.37 w/m²•k)

Insulating Values High Enough to Meet Massachusetts Specialized or NH Zone 6
The experts at Atlantic Building Supply can help you meet stricter energy codes. HOMEGA panels virtually eliminate thermal bridging, and with an R-value of R-15, the 3-7/8” panels perform above the thermal resistance requirements to meet both codes.

HYDROFOAM® Radiant Heat Technology — Nudura Integrated Series

HYDROFOAM® is a molded, EPS insulation board with a multi-directional anchoring design for radiant heat systems. HYDROFOAM is a two-in-one product that insulates under concrete slabs with efficient installation of radiant heat tubing. The boards overlap and interlock on all four sides for faster installation times and a secure fit.

Disperse Heat Evenly.  Easily.
View this short video to see how easy installation is with multi-directional anchoring.  Hydrofoam is compatible with both 1/2″ and 5/8″ diameter radiant tubing.

HYDROFOAM 4’ x 4’ Panels
2-½”: R-10 (RSI 1.76, U-Value 0.56 w/m²•k) – 3-3/8” including anchoring
4”: R-16 (RSI 2.82, U-Value 0.35 w/m²•k) – 4-7/8” including anchoring

Easy-to-install insulating options from the Nudura Integrated Series, including HOMEGA panels and HYDROFOAM radiant heat technology can be the solution you need to keep your project on schedule.  Call us 603.427.5001 or send us an email today for delivery as soon as tomorrow!

Atlantic Builders Supply stocks products to complete your ICF projects and meet your needs for insulation, waterproofing, drainage, barriers and fasteners. Select an image below to learn more.