Prebuck™ Combines Strength and Quality with Jobsite Speed and Efficiency

Improve Jobsite Efficiency with PrebuckTM Window and Door Buck, Plus Parapet Caps!

by Joe Harnois

April 10, 2024

The Perfect Solution for ICF Construction
We’re ready to help you tackle your next project with high-performance products like PrebuckTM window and door bucks and parapet caps.

View these three great new videos to learn more about Prebuck products!

Prebuck  Pre-cut
Prebuck 16-Foot
Prebuck Parapet Cap

Prebuck Pre-cut Window & Door Bucks
These precut, prepacked kits help you save time on the job site, with each buck delivered as a clearly identified strapped unit.  Pre-cut window and door bucks help keep your project moving, with less labor required and less jobsite waste.  Everything comes cut-to-size according to your project plans, ready to assemble and install.

Take a look at the latest video from TREMCO to see how easily pre-cut Prebuck integrates with Nudura® concrete forms. This great, five-minute video covers step-by-step installation and demonstrates how Prebuck is designed to streamline your project and ensure a professional finish.

PrebuckTM Window & Door Buck
Also available in 16’ lengths and multiple widths, Prebuck offers many customized options that reduce labor and staging costs. Prebuck engineered LSL is ideally suited for wide-width Nudura ICF walls. Nothing is superior to this double V-grooved engineered buck framing system.

With dovetail V-grooves and metal flanges, the buck framing system stays in place and holds much longer than those without it. Designed for direct contact with concrete and non-corrosive to metals, the materials are engineered from StrandGuard LSL treated with zinc borate for resistance to insects and decay.  For tips on handling 16’ Prebuck, view our new window buck installation video.

PrebuckTM Parapet Cap
Prebuck Parapet Caps are ideally suited for use with Nudura ICF walls offering an engineered solution for terminating parapet wall assemblies for structures. Prebuck is customized to design and provides a solid anchoring surface.

Prebuck Parapet Cap offers many benefits, including:

  • Non-corrosive to metals
  • Insect- and fungus-resistant
  • Designed for direct contact with concrete
  • Will not cup, twist or warp or curl
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Consistent and straight material
  • Can contribute to LEED® points
  • NAHB National Green Builder Certified

This new video breaks down the entire installation process, ensuring your roof gets the perfect finish it deserves with Prebuck’s engineered solution for terminating parapet wall assemblies.

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