Seal the Deal: Choosing the Perfect Waterproofing for ICFs

Great Options for Waterproofing, Plus Expert Picks for Parge Coats in ICF Builds

by Joe Harnois

March 6, 2024

Protect your structure with products designed for superior performance over EPS foam, an integral component of ICF construction. We’ll help you choose the best waterproofing and finish options for your ICF foundation. TREMPRO waterproofing products and Nudura® parge coats are designed to maximize ease of application while offering top-level protection and performance.

Stay on Schedule with Waterproofing Products Engineered for Quick Application

TREMPROTM 160  is the ideal choice when you need to finish your project quickly. The below-grade fluid-applied asphalt emulsion provides a seamless, monolithic waterproofing membrane. TREMPRO 160 can also be applied to surfaces at temperatures as low as 20°F (-7° C) when using heated spray lines.

TREMPRO 160 can be applied to damp or green concrete and is an efficient and effective option as a capillary break on top of footings before placing the first course of ICF in position.

TREMPROTM 540 Peel and Stick Waterproofing Membrane for foundation waterproofing is designed to stick to EPS foam. It can be used for either dampproofing or waterproofing when combined with Nudura® Membrane Primer.

TREMPRO 540 is available in both winter and summer grades!

Summer Grade NUS-AWPRF-00 (for installation at temperatures above 50 degrees)
Winter Grade NUS-AWPRF-02 (can be applied at any temperature – including below freezing!)

Check out our application video for TREMPRO 540.

Protect Your Foundation with Parge and Finishing Coats

In New England, building codes often require foundations to be protected by a parge or finishing coat to protect the foundation from moisture intrusion.  Parge and finishing coats help create a definite separation of the grade from above-grade to installed finish, which is especially important in areas where snow and frost penetration are a concern.

Nudura® NUBASE Parging Mix is designed specifically to be applied to EPS foam, like that found on the exterior of Nudura insulated concrete forms.  When you build your foundation with ICF, there is no better exterior finish than NUBASE.  View our 30-second video to see how quickly and simply NUBASE and Nudura fiber mesh can be used to finish the exposed area between grade and installed finish. Download product sheet.

Horizon® Parge Coarse Coat combines aesthetic appeal with rugged durability. It can be spray- or roller-applied over EPS foam in ICF construction for easy, efficient application. Horizon provides footer-to-sill-plate moisture protection, bringing new levels of protection to a formerly neglected area of the foundation – from grade line to sill plate. Download product sheet.

Dryvit ® — Atlantic Builders Supply also offers Dryvit Textured Acrylic Finishes (TAFS).  TAFS make ICF walls even better by providing a beautiful, durable exterior finish for your ICF structure. To learn more about Dryvit finishes, visit our website, or follow this link for more detailed information about TAF textures and finishes. Download product sheet.

Atlantic Builders Supply stocks products to complete your ICF projects and meet your needs for insulation, waterproofing, drainage, barriers, fasteners, and rebar reinforcement. Call us 603.427.5001 or send us an email today for delivery as soon as tomorrow!