The Top Three Questions about ICF Construction

Atlantic Builders Supply Shares the Questions We’re Asked the Most about ICF Construction

by Joe Harnois

March 20, 2024

We have the answers to the questions about ICF construction that you ask most often.  Our goal is to make sure that your ICF project is a success. From installation to achieving energy goals, there is no better, more efficient construction system than Nudura® ICF.

You asked.  We answered.

Q:  Can my crew do this?  Whether builders, contractors or foundation specialists, the question we are asked most often about ICF is whether it is easy enough that your current crew can assemble the Nudura forms without bringing in subcontractors or other vendors.  If you’ve ever thought about converting to ICF construction or foundations in the past, now is the time to consider this easy and efficient building solution.

A:  The simple answer.  YES! As long as you have a team of at least two, you can install ICF. We host Nudura training sessions on a regular basis.  We can also craft a custom instruction session for your crew at our warehouse location.  Materials are lightweight and easy to manage. View this short video to learn more about how easy it is to use Nudura ICF.

We are hosting Nudura training sessions scheduled for April, May and June. Sign up here today.

Q:  Do we need to purchase an alignment system? The Nudura® alignment system ensures the forming system has support while also providing a safe working platform for installers during the insulated concrete form construction process.

A:  Alignments systems are available for purchase or for rent. If this is your first ICF project, you can rent a system, learn the ropes, and understand better what you need going forward.  But we know that after that first ICF project, you’ll see the benefits and want to do more.  That’s a great time to purchase your own alignment system! Contact us for an alignment system price quote.

Q:  What if my building inspector isn’t familiar with ICF? We understand that not every inspector is up-to-date on the properties or ICF.

A:  We’ll help you show the building inspector how ICF meets code. Nudura ICF meets all requirements for the U.S. and Canada for IRC.  The Nudura Installation Manual provides the specific details of installation and can be referenced to help the building inspector understand how Nudura ICF meets IRC.  If you are trained as a Nudura installer, this information is covered during training, along with references to the installation manual to help you through the inspection process.  If you’re in a jam, with an inspector who just doesn’t get it, give us a call (603-427-5001) and we’ll cite chapter and verse to help walk the inspector through it.

More Questions?

If you have more questions, Atlantic Builders Supply Northeast is here to help you find the answers. We support your efforts whether this is your first ICF project or your 50thContact us today if you have questions or need assistance to reach your ICF construction goals.