What’s the Secret behind Some of the Most Beautiful, Energy-Efficient Pools?

They’re Built with Nudura® Insulated Concrete Forms!

by Joe Harnois

May 8, 2024

In-ground and above-ground swimming pools constructed with Nudura® ICF can be the centerpiece of spectacular outdoor living space.  ICF construction can improve both the building process and the finished product. ICFs improve an in-ground swimming pool’s energy efficiency and durability, as well as speed of construction, benefiting consumers, builders and architects alike. To see more, view this short, time-lapsed video of a Nudura® pool installation.

ICF for Lower Pool Heating Costs
Nudura ICF provides continuous insulation for pool walls. These insulating properties ensure that pools hold heat better and longer, conserving energy and reducing the cost of heating pools. Combined with the strength and longevity of ICF construction, ICF pools require less maintenance for long-term cost-savings.  With the correct insulating pool cover, you can build pools that can be enjoyed all year round!

Design Versatility
In terms of pool design, ICF swimming pools can be custom-made to virtually any shape and size. The most efficient construction method is a simple, rectangular pool.  But the ability to create curved walls with Nudura ICF means there are no limits when it comes to pool design. You can build with curved concrete walls and modern water features and amenities for a dream outdoor oasis.

Consider these Advantages of ICF Pools:

  • Energy-efficient pool construction
  • Superior pool durability
  • Speed of installation
  • Build a pool during virtually any season of the year
  • Suitable for custom designed pools
  • No heavy construction equipment needed for delivery, lifting, cutting or installing ICF blocks

Five Benefits of Insulated Concrete Form Pools

  1. Energy-Efficient ICF Pools

ICFs provide continuous insulation on the exterior, interior and bottom of the pool, helping stabilize the pool’s temperature and reducing the costs to heat or cool pools by as much as 60%. Traditionally-built pools can lose up to 80% of their heat through the sides and bottom because the ground conducts heat easier than the surface air.  Additionally, stabilizing the pool’s temperature can extend the pool season, which is a significant benefit for homeowners in colder climates.

  1. Durable and Long-Lasting ICF Pools

ICFs’ concrete core and foam exterior provide strength and integrity for longer-lasting pools with less maintenance. Traditional concrete pools require extensive upkeep and costly water treatments to preserve the concrete’s strength and to prevent cracks, pores and algae growth, which can lead to resurfacing the entire pool. ICF pools solve this problem by surrounding the pool walls with EPS foam to create a quality waterproof barrier that shields the concrete from moisture infiltration.

  1. Simple-to-Construct ICF Pools

Building an ICF pool requires less labor, expertise and time than a traditional concrete pool:

  • Unlike traditional concrete pool wall systems, ICF walls don’t require exact excavations. If you over-dig an ICF pool excavation, all you need to do is backfill the walls once they are in place.
  • Workers can easily handle lightweight ICF units, reducing time and labor costs.
  • Building an ICF pool does not require heavy and costly delivery, lifting or cutting equipment.
  1. Endless Design Options with ICF Pools 

ICF forms come in many shapes and sizes that you can easily cut without heavy equipment. This feature allows designers to more easily and economically include elements such as curves, arches and radiused walls, compared to other pool construction methods that only accommodate uniform designs.  View this incredible story and short video that takes ICF pools and hardscapes to new levels.

  1. Smooth and Consistent ICF Pool Wall Finishes

ICF pools offer more consistent wall finishes than standard concrete pools. Contractors can create a smooth and 100% waterproof wall finish on the ICF pool wall by applying pool liners or plaster finishes over the pool plaster. It typically only takes one or two applications of the finish (about 1/2-inch thick) to complete the wall, and the resulting finish can last up to 10 years. This reduces the number of call-backs from homeowners who experience ripples in their pool liner or ineffective finishes that allow water to seep through.

Check out this great step-by-step guide to building a pool with Nudura ICF.

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