Enviro-Dri® Product Sheet

The US Department of Energy estimates that 40% of a buildings’ energy loss is due to air infiltration. The International Energy Conservation Code (IECC), Energy Star and other energy performance programs for new homes are recognizing and incorporating the importance of air changes per hour (ACH) in their standards at an increasing rate. The Enviro-Dri® Weather-Resistant Barrier (WRB) System delivers superior air infiltration performance, as measured in air changes per hour, versus housewraps.

By reducing the exchange of conditioned and unconditioned air from the home, the Enviro-Dri WRB System improves the home’s energy efficiency, and allows the builder to value-engineer other energy design variables within the home – such as supplemental air-infiltration packages, insulation, window U-Value, furnace efficiency, etc. – to meet energy-efficiency goals, as well as construction cost objectives.

So whether the goal is to meet minimum energy requirements of the local building code, or to exceed the more stringent energy requirements of Energy Star or to qualify for Federal Energy Tax Credits, the Enviro-Dri Weather-Resistant Barrier System can deliver the energy efficiency you want at lower overall construction costs.

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