HYDROFOAM® Product Sheet

Nudura offers a complete range of expanded polystyrene (EPS) insulation products to use in your renovation and construction projects.

HYDROFOAM® is a 4 ft x 4 ft (1219mm x 1219mm) molded insulation board with a multi-directional anchoring design for radiant heat systems. HYDROFOAM is a 2-in1 product to insulate under concrete slabs and offers efficient installation of radiant heat tubing. HYDROFOAM is overlapped and interlocked on all four sides, allowing for faster installation times and a secure fit. It comes in thicknesses of 2 1/2in (64mm) – R-10 (RSI 1.76, U-value 0.57), 3in (76mm) – R-12.6 (RSI 2.22, U-value 0.45), 4 in (100mm) – R-16 (RSI 2.82, U-value 0.35).

HYDROFOAM® nano is available for existing areas such as concrete slabs and plywood floors and comes in 3/8in (10mm)- R-1.6 thickness (RSI 0.28, U-Value 3.55).

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