Prebuck™ Parapet Cap Data Sheet

Prebuck Parapet Cap Framing offers the contractor, owner and design community an engineered solution for teminating parapet wall assemblies of their structure. This parapet “nailer” will interface with framing, air barriers, roofing and finish materials (especially metal coping). Cap nailers represent a challenging and critical component to building envelop continuity. Prebuck is produced with 1- ½” (38 mm) thick, treated Laminated Strand Lumber (LSL) to assure that the cap plate provides stable support for your coping and flashing components. Prebuck is customized to design and is effective in reducing labor and staging costs. The cap plate can be used in combination with any wall structure type but is ideally suited for wide width walls. Made with materials that allow direct contact with concrete, the product is treated across its entire cross-section and will maintain itsstructual integrity even if it gets wet. Prebuck will not cup, twist or warp over time and can be cut to custom design specifications.

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